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Gadgets To The Rescue – Trap Your Cheating Spouse

Cheating Spouse

How to trap a love rat using Gadgets?

Have you always thought that modern gadgets are the partners in crime of cheating spouses?  Well, think again! Those technological inventions that you thought were on his or her side could actually turn out to be your best friends. Or, at least, help you decide whether your doubts have any real basis in fact.

As Jasper Hamill of the Daily Mirror mentions in his article, “How to trap a love rat: 6 hi-tech spy gadgets to help catch your cheating lover”:

In the age of Tinder and Ashley Madison, it’s never been simpler to have an affair. But in the era of tiny cameras and microphones, it’s never been easier to get caught.

So, if you are worried about whether your spouse is cheating, or you are convinced of it but just can’t get your hands on the evidence, don’t worry, there is a lot you can do now. From simple everyday accessories that hardly arouse any suspicion to hi-tech gadgets that would impress Hollywood, the geeks have been busy!

Begin Untying your Problems

To begin with, there are hidden cameras; just what you need to keep tabs on your partner. If it’s a he, then there are gorgeous ties that will not only make a wonderful gift but also give you a window into his personal affairs.   Not cheap, at $300 but the prixe tag might help convince him to wear it.  And if you help him tie it, it will make it easier to hide the camera and could be the moment you begin untying your problems.

However, if it’s a she, the tie would be less appropriate, even if your wife is a hardcore professional who suits up for work every day.  So what could you buy for that situation?  How about the camera hidden in a smoke detector? You could probably convince her that you are finally getting round to the long-overdue chores you’ve been putting off.  And this little item might pick up a different type of heat which the more traditional models wouldn’t register!

If that isn’t right for you, and you want to get evidence all by yourself, then following your partner just isn’t enough. You might not be able to keep up to their speed and the might not work in your favor! To quote Jasper Hamill again, “There’s nothing worse than seeing your loved one disappear into the sunset.” At least, not with another person in their arms! So, what to do?  Get the gun that doesn’tfire bullets but does fire a tracking device to ensure that your partner always stays in sight. Follow him or her to the end of the earth or at least to their secret tryst.

Pocket-sized Gadgets

But all that secret-agent-style effort could be wasted if, having successfully tracked the vehicle, you found yourself on the wrong side of an opaque door.  But don’t lose heart. Now is the time to take out your peephole reverser. Widely used by law enforcement agencies to evaluate the potential dangers behind closed doors, this pocket-sized gadget could help you evaluate a potentially difficult situation.  So, instead of letting your imagination run riot, get the real facts.

Got access to a window?  Then get the spy watch with a snake camera /recorder to procure your rock-solid evidence.  As a bonus feature, it comes with games so you can keep yourself occupied while the action is unfolding.  Of course, it also tells the time…

Drone for Cheating Spouse

Drone for Cheating Spouse

Can’t get to the door or window to manage all that? Don’t worry, go hi-tech with drones and sky hawks. You can now stay at a safe distance and still get all the evidence you need to prove your partner’s cheating ways. These planes are designed to collect evidence and are remote-controlled. Some are even built with light-resistance to ensure you don’t miss out any evidence because of reflections on the camera lenses. Some come with stabilizers to help the plane stay aloft in breezy conditions.

But what if you suspect goings-on in your own home while you’re away?  Never hear, help is at hand.  Ever heard the expression ‘a little bird told me’?  Well how about a little bird house to get the goods on what’s happening back on the ranch?

This attractive little bird house actually houses a surveillance camera which works even in low light. So, no more worries about missing out on your partner’s romantic adventures; get enough recordings to open your divorce proceedings and close your broken relationship.

Thus, the list of gizmos you can use to nail your cheating partner goes on and on.  Whether it’s software or hardware, there is a whole range of equipment to fulfil your surveillance needs.   So why live with suspicion and a possibly overactive imagination?  Find out the truth.

You never know, you might find out that it’s all in your own mind and that your partner is loving and faithful.But if your suspicions are sadly confirmed, the technology is available.  Although we don’t know of any gadgets to mend a broken heart, at least they can help relieve you of a broken relationship!