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Cool Gadgets That Make You Look Hot

Cool Gadgets Hot Looking Girl

There’s a gadget to fill that void in your life!

Gadget: a small mechanical device or tool, especially an ingenious or novel one.

Cool gadgets, hot gadgets, gadgets to simplify your life or make you look sophisticated; gadgets with uncommon uses or special features;  every glossy advertisement seems to make at least one such claim.  Think of a need or a want; there’s a gadget to fill that void in your life! A decade ago, many of them were unimaginable yet today they have become commonplace.

Kayla Matthews of Technology tell wrote recently ‘While most gadgets won’t match the success of the iPhone, they may very well win over your heart and transform your life.

Even so, yet some are still hard to come by, because they’re designed to be exclusive or priced to be exclusive!

Designed to Look Cool

Nowadays, gadgets don’t just perform cool tasks; they’re designed to look cool too. Gone are the days when complicated tasks were performed by a mass of buttons, wires and lights; appearance is important.  Doctor Frankenstein’s huge and intricate laboratory was very impressive to the unsophisticated movie audiences of the thirties, but these days people want to look modern and cutting-edge.  They are more attracted to cool, sleek gadgets- beauty with brains!

Of course, many gadgets hide their true function. There have always been examples of disguising an object’s true purpose – think of the safe that looks like a can of beans or a book – but this has usually been for security reasons.  Not any more; can you imagine a remote control that looks like a tarantula? Not a very endearing prospect if you live in South America or Africa. Or a projector that looks like a Christmas star? How easy would that be to misplace on your tree?

The king of the hidden gadget has to be James Bond.  From the magnetized watch to the exploding keyring, there was nothing Q couldn’t disguise.  But it seems that anything that is portrayed in the movies will one day become a reality – there’s even talk of work being done on a Star Trek-style transporter beam, and light sabers are only a matter of time.

Even though that technology is some way off, it’s still surprising what you can buy now.  Today, GPS in cellphones and cars is common enough but have you ever imagined GPS in cycles? Well, even that is possible with your Smartphone, but where would you fix it on a cycle? That’s where a new gadget comes in handy, allowing you to leave your phone safely in your pocket or bag. Your Bluetooth connection sends the GPS signal straight to this gadget’s screen, conveniently and securely fastened to your handlebars.

So, next time you are on vacation in an unknown city and you decide to take a leisurely ride through it,don’t worry about getting lost; take your own GPS and map your own routes. You can choose direction arrows orthe voice assistant to guide you through unexplored territory.  What an innovative way to combine technology with creating a greener world. Who said technology has to damage the environment? All we need now is a digital assistant to ride the cycle for you!

Cool Gadgets – Sound Sleep After a Tiring Day

Nothing is as good as a sound sleep after a tiring day, and noise pollution is considered one of the major causes of insomnia among the present generation.  Most of us are aware that the knock-on effects can be serious; hypertension, enhanced stress levels, hearing loss and a host of other ailments can arise due to these disturbances.

If you are looking for a way to ensure a good night’s sleep, that don’t be surprised by a gadget that promises you just that! Yes, this cool gadget promises to put you to sleep with soothing sounds. Just plug your headphones into your pillow and shut off all those disturbing noises, including quarrelling neighbour, or even a nagging partner!

Cool Gadget Watch

Cool Gadget Watch

Worried you might not wake up in the morning?  No problem, there is another convenient gadget for that – a vibrating alarm! No bells and no beeps to shock you into alertness. Wake up gently and peacefully to a beautiful day full of life-enhancing gadgets.

Breakfast using a toaster with a built-in egg poacher and a self-stirring coffee mug; treadmill desks at work, apple peelers for lunch, underwater headphones for your after-work swim; the list goes on… Gadgets that make your tasks easier, your chores faster and your life more efficient!

Makers of gadgets are going all-out to fulfil (and in many cases, create!) the needs of people of all kinds.  They have permeated every aspect of our lives, whether it’s the workplace, the home, the playground, the nursery or out and about. Whether you are looking for smart gadgets, amusing gadgets, geeky ones or cheap ones, there will definitely be something that will tickle your fancy.

impressive – and previously unimaginable – technology

It is true that thousands of gadgets are being created and poured into the market every year. Some catch the fancy of customers; some don’t. Some create history; the others fade away into oblivion. Some become an integral part of our life; the others fail to touch it in any significant way.

When all is said and done, gadgetsare here to stay! It is virtually impossible to go through a day without seeing a gadget or using one ourselves. That is how significantly they have impacted our lives. And it cannot be denied that some of these gadgets make our world go around, while some others are there just to make us look hot! Whatever their purpose, life without these cool gadgets is unimaginable.